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Quick Survey
The Greatest "Shame" and "Glory" of Christianity

Branches    Denominations    Cults

Christianity Art Gallery
Symbols and Links to Christianity


    Christianity, quick survey
    Who is a Christian:
 Some symbols of Christianity, Happiness, Suffering... Sermon on the Mount
    The Kingdom of God: The Church, Peter, Eucharist, Purgatory...   
    Founder: Jesus Christ:
  God...Messiah, The work of Jesus
    How to become a Christian: Duties and Glories, Prophet, Priest, King
    Salvation: Jesus Saves
    Salvation: Regeneration, Justification, Sanctification, Forgiveness, Glorification, Repentance
    The Mosaic Law... and the Gospel of Grace
    Heaven... Hell:
Salvation by faith?... by works?... Can a Jew or a Hindu go to Heaven?    
    The "Holy Trinity

    Holy Scriptures:
Bible, Tradition
    Beliefs and Practices: What to Believe, What to Receive, What to Do, What to Pray (The Catechism)
    Organization: Peter... Pope
    The Church of Christ

    Jesus Christ our Righteousness, Luther based the entire work of the Reformation on the reality of an imputed righteousness.
    Catholic and Protestant "Similarities" on Faith, Faith Alone, Salvation... many "misunderstandings", because the key terms are used in different senses.

    Divisions within Protestantism - Comparison
    The Dark Side of Christianity: Inquisition, Crusades, Bad Popes, Bad Priests...

The The Only One Church of Christ


Completed Studies

Completed Studies

Completed Studies

Completed Studies



Current Study Page


         Isaiah 1:1 to 1:8

         Isaiah 4:2 to 5:6

         Isaiah 1:9 to 1:31

         Isaiah 5:7 to 5:17

         Isaiah 2:1 to 2:22

         Isaiah 5:18 to 5:30

         Isaiah 3:1 to 3:16

         Isaiah 6:1 to 6:13

         Isaiah 3:17 to 4:1

         Isaiah 7:1 to 7:25

        Isaiah 8:1 to 8:22

         Isaiah 11:1 to 11:16

        Isaiah 9:1 to 9:7

         Isaiah 12:1 to 12:6

        Isaiah 9:8 to 9:21

         Isaiah 13:1 to 13:13

        Isaiah 10:1 to 10:15

         Isaiah 13:14 to 14:3

        Isaiah 10:16 to 10:34

         Isaiah 14:4 to 14:14

        Isaiah 14:5 to 14:32

         Isaiah 19:1 to 19:25

        Isaiah 15:1 to 15:9

         Isaiah 20:1 to 20:6

        Isaiah 16:1 to 16:14

         Isaiah 21:1 to 21:10

        Isaiah 17:1 to 17:14

         Isaiah 22:1 to 22:14

        Isaiah 18:11 to 18:7

         Isaiah 22:15 to 22:25

        Isaiah 23:1 to 23:18

         Isaiah 26:13 to 26:21

        Isaiah 24:1 to 24:8

         Isaiah 27:1 to 27:13

        Isaiah 24:9 to 24:23

         Isaiah 28:1 to 28:9

        Isaiah 25:1 to 25:12

         Isaiah 28:10 to 28:18

        Isaiah 26:1 to 26:12

         Isaiah 28:19 to 28:29

        Isaiah 29:1 to 29:14


        July 4th, 1776


        Isaiah 29:15 to 29:24


        Isaiah 30:1 to 30:16


        Isaiah 30:17 to 30:33



To download an MP3 program file (below) on an IBM compatible PC, simply right-click on the file name, click on "Save Target As", and save to a selected folder. Then either use your windows explorer to locate the file and double-click on it or first launch your media player and then locate the file to play. We sincerely hope you enjoy the studies.

    Past Sunday Studies (Audio)

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No Child Left Behind.wma

No Child Left Behind.mp3

Wound With a Sword.wma

Wound With a Sword.mp3

Document, Document.wma

Document, Document.mp3



More Tempests.wma

More Tempests.mp3

Veterans for Truth.wma

Veterans for Truth.mp3

The Garden Wall.wma

The Garden Wall.mp3

Buying & Selling.wma

Buying & Selling.mp3

Independence & Freedom.wma

Independence & Freedom.mp3

A Joyful Day for Father.wma

A Joyful Day for Father.mp3

Message to the City on a Hill.wma

Message to the City on a Hill.mp3

Pentecost: The Pouring Out of the Holy Spirit.wma

Pentecost: The Pouring Out of the Holy Spirit.mp3

Cry Aloud, Spare Not.wma

Cry Aloud, Spare Not.mp3

Just & True Are Thy Ways.wma

Just & True Are Thy Ways .mp3

We Will Not Waver.wma

We Will Not Waver.mp3

Easter: Is it a Light Thing.wma

Easter: Is it a Light Thing.mp3

Is There Not Cause (1 Sam. 17).wma

Is There Not Cause (1 Sam. 17).mp3

Patrick Henry's Speech (for above audio)

Patrick Henry's Speech (for above audio)

Enter in at the Door.wma

      Enter in at the Door.mp3      


Our Completeness in Christ.mp3


For His Name's Sake.mp3


High Alert.mp3


Is This the Man (2).mp3


Is This the Man (1).mp3


War in Heaven.mp3




Under the Juniper.mp3


The Coming Storm.mp3


Little Children.mp3


Stand Upon Your Watch.mp3


Parable of the Sower Pt1.mp3


Parable of the Sower Pt2.mp3


Forsaking God.mp3


Current Events 06-22-03 .mp3



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