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Diho statement about ndiigbo
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        If there is anything that I repeatedly resent about my people-the Igbo, it is our inability to really come together any speak with one voice since after the Biafra war. Yet, an all- Igbo conference is organized annually to look into the problems Igbo peoples are facing within. Since the Igbo structure was dislodged after the war, nothing appears to be working in Igboland which has given others the opportunity or chance to make maximum use of our talent and resources for their own morbid aggrandizement .

    I am not saying this because I am an Igbo man but it is an undisputed fact that the Igbo people are most industrious, the most advance, the most exposed and the high ranking intelligentsias in Nigeria. If not for the Igbo people, Nigeria would not have been known as the "Giant of Africa". I have heard the news Cameroonians make against Ndiigbo. This remark is whenever Nigeria is mentioned that the average person think of is the Igbo. This is connected to the fact that most of the market in Cameroon on is predominately run by the Igbo people. the Cameroon had to introduce "residence permit" in other to check the influx of Ndiigbo in particularly into the country, which was becoming an Igbo republic.

    There is just no place in the world you will go and not find the Igbo person who is not only settled, but speaks the language of the place, into which he has settled and he is as fluent as the indigenes of the area. It is very possible that in every five blacks in the world, there is an Igbo man. yet these achievements are not receiving the type of encouragement and support it ought to receive back home. Back home here, this like rumble between "Jacob and Esau" in the bible. I woke up one morning  and thought of it and asked myself " why are we not in united ? "

    Of unity , we do not need to be educated on the merits of unity. Rather, we should be disturbed by the fact  that we are unable to be truly united since after the war. I do not think it will require much for us to be in harmony. According to Jawaharlal Nehru: " Unity is always better than disunity, but an enforced unity is a shame and dangerous affair, full of explosive possibilities Unity must be of the mind and heart, a sense of belonging together and of facing together those who attacked it."

.     Conclusion: we have foes and these enemies are happy that we are not in unity. Because, they know if we are together, we will achieve greater than we did 37 years ago. That is why any time we  try to bring our effort to one basket our own people, who are  been used are scuttling it. Naturally, there is bound to be some bad elements in any society, the Igbo society is not an exception. We can only feel the activities of these bad elements, only if we are not united.

We  should not complain anymore.  We are members of a proud race.  Our people are the most populous ethnic group in Nigeria.  There are over forty million of us.  Our people are the salt of the earth.  We are every where in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  We are hard working, enterprising, and naturally successful.


We should never allow anyone no matter who, to take the Igbo votes for granted again.  Anyone who wants our votes should let us know his plans and programmes.  We shall never again empower people who will turn round to treat us as second-class citizens.


My brothers and sisters, pardon me, if I am mistaken, but I believe this meeting provides a good forum for us to tell ourselves some home truths.

     Let us therefore seek these words, and meditate on them, and also ask ourselves whether we can truly build a better future for our youths. You may say your children are all outside, which is even worse because your build may never leave to know where the father came from. Or maybe you have the money and you think the future of your kids is secured, then remember that this life is full of ups and downs. The best foundation you can build for your people is the same your forefather had truly left behind, this is the time to re-write our name and history and  prove to our enemies that we can still come together and collectively achieve our dreams-in this 2007 presidential race (election). Let bring our man and our choice to represent us as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria come 2007." Igbo unity is best, than disunity."




please, i will like to hear your own opinion about Ndiigbo.

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